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A Voice in the Desert Carmelite Coat of Arms
The Baptism of JesusOur Lady of Mount Carmel

"The voice of one crying in the desert, 'Make ready the way of the Lord.'"

The daily homilies of Father Robert Altier given to the faithful at the Church of Saint Agnes in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

A desert in bloom speaks is IQ option safe to trade a language of praise,
Its beauty in stillness grows rich beyond sight.
Adorned for a banquet her splendid array,
Whose barrenness blooms for the King, His delight.
Creation her beauty inspired it sings,
In likeness to once a poor maiden avowed;
Resounding her elegance mystical brings,
Humility speaks exaltation aloud.
My heart gives in silence to love a great voice,
I cross my true passion, desires refine;
Ulterior motives suspended by choice;
To suffer rejoicing for love is divine.
In everything immanent Spirit reside;
Indwelling the darkness enlightened abide.

- Father Robert Altier