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"An Examination Of Conscience" a preparation for the Sacrament of Confession by Father Robert Altier. A thorough listing of mortal sins, venial sins, and imperfections.
Nihil Obstat: Monsignor Richard Schuler
Imprimatur: Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Harry Flynn
Check out the text at Catholic Parents On-line. This booklet is also available at Leaflet Missal Company.

Father Altier's "Fundamentals of Catholicism" series has helped many people deepen their understanding and love of the Catholic faith and has also been a catalyst for numerous conversions into the Church. Audio Recordings of the "Fundamentals of Catholicism" series and over 150 other talks by Father Altier are available through Divine Mercy Tapes (651) 454-8800 and Leaflet Missal Company in Saint Paul, MN.

Help the Helpless is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the life of extremely disabled Catholic children in India. Father Anthony Xavier founded this relief effort in 1969 and Father Altier serves as president.

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Want to know more about the Catholic Church?
Catholic Faith OnLine has a wealth of information on the Faith.

Looking for answers to some puzzling questions?
Father John T. Zuhlsdorf at The Forum answers questions about the Faith and morality. Father Zuhlsdorf is a frequent visitor to Saint Agnes Church.

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Father Altier is the assistant pastor of the Church of Saint Agnes. You can visit their web site for a virtual tour.

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